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How to reduce import customs duty and taxes in India?

 Indian government is very hard about customs. Most of the people who import products end up paying high customs duty and taxes on imported products. Its okay, if you have bought it online and imported from some other countries. But what about the people who have received just for marketing that imported product. Why do they need to pay for taxes and import duties.

So here is solution for both, online buyers and marketing personal:

#1 Mention as “Marketing Product” on box

Before importing any product from outside countries, just make sure and ask you dealer to make product as Marketing Product or Good.

Making your imported product as priceless “not for sale“ commodity by mentioning it is as Marketing Product, save paying the money to customs people for goods import.

#2 Avoid Brand name on box covering

Main important point is to make sure that you have not publicize the product by its brand name on the box. Mentioning brand name may be catchy to customs officers which will effect your pocket.

So, avoid brand name on your packaging box make it plain with no brand logo or stamp.

#3 Mention as “Non-commercial Product” on in-voice bill

If you ask your dealer to mention product as “Non-commercial Product” on invoice bill, then you would save all bucks that you might have to pay to customs officers.

Mentioning it may be one kind of cheating, so be careful while doing this.

#4 Have a proper paper work and packaging

Get proper bill in-voice from company you are important. It is necessary because improper documentation may cause problems if you caught while in checking product.

#5 Carrying Gold to India

If you are carrying gold ornaments, pearls, diamond etc. while in coming back to India, make sure that you have wore all the ornaments. Avoid carrying it in bag and also remove price tag if it have any.

So to avoid heavy import customs duties and taxation always follow this tips and then you would be saved for paying up.


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