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About us

SHINEYU Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional LED industrial lighting manufacturer, it consists of two factories, one is producing LED power supply professionally, the other is specializing in the production of cold forging heatsink and LED housing. We combined with the technical superiority and cost advantages on LED driver and LED thermal solution, as well as a powerful mould and new products R&D capabilities, taken the development and innovation as the leading factor, focused on the field of industrial lighting, specializing in the production of LED high bay light, UFO ceiling lamp and high-power LED bulb. Our products have novel outward appearance, reasonable structure, light weight and easy to install, all of the lamps are used cold forging pure aluminum heatsink to guarantee the excellent heat dissipation ability. Most of the accessories are basically independent researched and produced by ourself except for the LED chips, which ensures stability and cost competitiveness. Technology and cost is our strengths and core competitiveness, to provide the most cost-effective products is our service tenet, warm welcome the broad masses of old and new customers to contact us !


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